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Women’s Rights

By: Georgia Gilbert, East Syracuse/Minoa Area Service Unit Manager

voteIn 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York the first Women’s Rights convention was held. The women who organized this convention created a document called the Declaration of Sentiments. Basically, it was a reworking of the Declaration of Independence with an important twist. “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men AND WOMEN are created equal…”

We may look at these sentiments today and think that women’s rights are a no-brainer. But in 1848 it caused great controversy. Women were not afforded the same rights as men. They were perceived as property and had no voice. Frederick Douglass who attended the convention is quoted as saying the Declaration was, “grand movement for attaining the civil, social, political, and religious rights of women.”

The part we are most familiar with is the suffrage movement – a women’s right to vote. Many of the women behind the women’s rights movements in the beginning, women such as Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, made it their life’s work to win rights for woman. Their LIFE’S WORK. Equality came in bits and pieces and many of these early suffragettes did not live to see women earn the right to vote. But they never gave up and their spirit inspired other women to take up the mantle to continue the cause. Smart, learned women who also would not accept less such as Alice Paul and Carrie Catt Chapman. The 19th amendment giving women the right to vote was ratified in 1920, 72 years after the first women’s right’s convention. It took dedicated, tenacious, people who believed that women were worth no more and no less than total equality. Even though the major hurdle of gaining the vote has been crossed there is still a fight for equality today.

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which was written in part by Alice Paul and which she fought for until her death was never ratified and today women STILL fight for equal rights. Seems hard to believe, right? 94 years after we gained the right to vote we still have to fight for our rights. It makes no sense in this day and age that woman make 77 cents to the dollar a man makes nationally. New York has it better at 84 cents to the dollar. But having it “better” is not enough. We should NEVER accept less. Gender should never come into play when setting a wage. Experience, education, yes, but gender? Never. Women didn’t have a voice in 1848 but in 2014 they do. Every woman should keep in mind those women who fought long and hard so that we could go to a polling place to cast our vote without fear of being arrested.

Honor those courageous women who thought that women were worth more by voting on Election Day. Honor yourself, your daughters, your sisters, your mothers by demanding no less than equality.

Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

leadershipOutcomesAre you a new Girl Scout troop leader and you need ideas on how to work with the Journey’s and the girls in your troop? Well, don’t worry! Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways has got you covered! We know it can be difficult as a new leader to come up with ideas for activities, to plan, and to try to figure how exactly you are supposed to work with this group of girls.

On our council website at you can find Journey taster activities. They are a great start to begin working on one of the Journey’s with your troop. Here are three available online now:

It’s your World – Change it. The Daisy flower garden taster activity is the Daisy circle, garden style. This activity helps girls to get those wiggles out and at the same time learn more about their new Daisy friends.

It’s your Planet – Love it. The Brownie Wonders of Water taster activity is favorite water activities. Have the girls share their favorite water activities and make a poster out of it. Maybe some like ice skating, swimming, or tubing. This is a great activity for connecting to others on common interests and provide you ideas for future field trips based on the girls’ interests

It’s your World – Change it. The Junior Agent of Change taster is “who led the way for you?” This activity gets girls talking about leadership and what it means to them.

Check out these and the other journey taster activities, as well as all the other volunteer resources available on the council website.




Just a few days left

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

icantwaitThere are just a few short days left to order magazines, nuts, candy, photo books, and greeting cards from your Girl Scout!

The Fall Product Sale program is wrapping up this Friday!

So, if you are selling, contact your customers in the next few days. And, if you’d like to place an order get in touch with a local Girl Scout in your area or call your local service center and we’ll put you in touch with a troop near you.

For more information visit the council website at


outVenture Out! is an online adventure that lets volunteers explore different ways of taking girls outside in Girl Scouts. Here, they’ll encounter the kinds of challenges and successes that only the outdoors can bring: bad weather, distracted girls, new discoveries and life-changing events. Along the way, they’ll find tips for getting girls outdoors, plus real-life stories and advice from over 50 volunteers.

Venture Out! is for volunteers working with K-5 troops who have little or no experience taking girls outside. Never hiked in their life? Have lots of outdoor skills, but don’t know how to share them with girls? Venture Out! has ideas for both these groups…and everyone in between. Troop leaders of older girls may also find it useful.

The Girl Scout Research Institute recently conducted a national study about girls and the outdoors. The report, More Than S’mores: Successes and Surprises in Girl Scouts’ Outdoor Experiences explores two basic questions: How and how much are girls getting outside in Girl Scouts? And what difference do these outdoor experiences make? Among key findings of the study are that girls’ outdoor experiences in Girl Scouts are positively linked to their challenge seeking, problem solving, and environmental leadership. Additionally, when girls get outdoors on a monthly basis in Girl Scouts, doing even casual outdoor activities, they are much more likely to agree that they’ve learned to recognize their strengths, to do something they thought they couldn’t do, and to gain skills that will help them do better in school.

Through Venture Out!, volunteers will gain the confidence to take more girls outside and practical knowledge from other volunteers about getting girls outdoors. Venture Out! is available from Girl Scouts University, and made possible by the Elliott Wildlife Values Project.

Microsoft-StoreCome help us celebrate the grand opening of the Microsoft store at Destiny USA!

Bring your troops, friends, and family and wear, wave and share our color and brandy proudly. It’ll be a fun and high-energy ceremony and you’ll be able to cheer on the Girl Scouts to accept a surprise donation. There will be a DJ, giveaways, and refreshments.

For every 10 people representing Girl Scouts at this event, we will receive a $1,000 in-store credit – up to $5,000 total! We want everyone to come out in support of the Girl Scouts and to be part of the excitement.

The ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration will be on Thursday, November 13 from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the store in Destiny USA.

If you are planning to attend please RSVP with your name and the names of those attending by November 10 to Deborah Joyce at or call (315) 698-9400, ext. 2018.

By: Carleen Lattin, Troop Leader and National Council Delegate in Elmira

Carleen at the Girl Scout Convention in Salt Lake City!

Carleen at the Girl Scout Convention in Salt Lake City!

As many of you know, last week I attended the Girl Scout Convention in Salt Lake City. Many of my groups and news feeds are still buzzing with topics that will continue well past the ending of the convention. Some of them are the development of the outdoor badges journey/program, advocacy and continuing to swap and share with new friends made at the convention.

Feelings like this and experience is what makes Girl Scouts unique. With the launching of the Girl Scouts Convention app, it allowed you to customize your schedule, post updates and pictures and connect after everyone has returned home. It is a great feeling of girl power and the power of lifting your voice to make your opinion and ideas heard.

Many people often compare Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts and have been asked why families aren’t as heavily involved in Girl Scouts as they are in Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts. As anyone knows girls and boys are wired different for sure. Many factors shape the reason for the differences in the way troops may run.

In my case personally, we don’t discourage families completely. Some activities, such as ceremonies, picnics, etc. can be family involved. If a mom wants to be involved, I highly encourage her to register to volunteer to help the troop. Otherwise, it is not necessary to have the whole family there. There are numerous reasons, including other family members may not be interested in what the girls are doing. Other reasons are simply may not be safe or are enough resources for everyone.

Remember that our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, started our organization in a team where women had few rights and were often expected to serve their husbands and have children as they got older. She was truly a pioneer in her time, one of a kind and definitely a trailblazer for girls and women today. Girls now need to have that progression of slowly gaining confidence to do things without mom and make her own choices, within reason. Of course, I would expect parents to want to accompany their daughters at the Daisy or Brownie level, for example.

I still remember a girl in my troop, who is now in 8th grade. She started off in 2nd grade, very shy, clinging to mom and wouldn’t go anywhere without her. But I remember the time when mom couldn’t come on an overnight trip and she said to her, “That’s ok mom. I’ll be alright.” What a moment! Sure, she had her cell phone and called her to check in but in my mind, I’m thinking “Wow…” This is what Girl Scouts does to girls. Gives them courage and confidence to come out of their shells, make choices. With these choices, made confidently, they make the world a better place.

Realistically, would I want my family to go everywhere with me through high school, college? I love my family, but girls like to spend time with their friends, boyfriends, be silly and just be girls! The best thing a parent can do is to trust their daughters to allow them to go places without them and to trust them to make the right choices. On the same token, know who they are with and that person’s contact information and make sure that their daughter and the contact person has your contact information.

Wow, what a little bit of girl power can do!

Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

icantwaitAs the weather begins turning colder and the holidays are approaching maybe you are looking for ideas for things to do with the girls in your troop that are holiday focused. If you are, you need to go visit the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways Pinterest page. We have a board full of craft ideas to do with girls, boards on take action projects, and tons of other fun information to help with troop program planning.

Today, here are three craft ideas, which can be found on our Pinterest page:

Oranges and bird feeders – Girls can make bird feeders from oranges, twine, and bird seed. A great, simple, and inexpensive craft to make with some of the youngest Girl Scouts – Daisies and Brownies.

Bird feed recipe – Girls in your troop can each bring in different ingredients for the bird feed recipe. Then use cookie cutters and ribbon to make bird feeders!

Homemade holiday cards – Lots of girls love making art projects. design your own holiday cards that girls can give to friends and family members. Or make troop holiday cards and deliver them to nursing homes, send them to soldiers, or bring them to volunteer fire stations. A great way to incorporate taking action into your fun craft projects!

For more information visit the council’s Pinterest page.



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