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By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

landing_volunteeringHave you seen the new volunteer resources packs available in the Girl Scout shops? They include everything a new volunteer needs to get started with a troop! The pack is perfect to help volunteers begin their year and working with girls on a journey and on building leadership experiences!

The pre-pack includes a grade-level appropriate Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, an Adult Insignia Tab, Official Girl Scout Membership Pin, WAGGGS Official Pin and new Official Volunteer Pin. Then customize the packet by adding an adult guide and journey book set of your choosing and an adult polo uniform shirt (if you choose to)

Shop now and get ready to begin meeting with your troop this fall!

Visit the Girl Scout website at



5-ways-to-KindergartenPencils, backpacks, and school buses. New friends, new teachers and a brand new schedule every morning. Starting school brings a lot of change for both you and your daughter. But there are a few simple things you can do to help her walk through doors on her first day not only ready to learn, but with a big smile and a sense of confidence.

From Girl Scouts For Adults, here are 5 ways to prepare her for a happy, safe (and fun) start to her first ever school year:

  1. A little independence goes a long way. This is especially important if your daughter has never been away from home all day. Start small. Work on your child’s ability to do basic physical things for themselves before school starts. Can she put on and take off shoes? Check. Zip up her coat? Check. Does she know how to navigate the bathroom independently at potty time? Check. And remember, tights are tough. So is anything with lots of complicated zips, buttons and snaps. Kindergarten is a place to play, run, climb and learn, so the fancy dress you bought last week might be best saved for your next special occasion rather than her first day of school.
  2. Get to know the school. Lots of schools set aside a day to let incoming kindergartners and parents get familiar with the classroom, so take advantage of the opportunity or ask to schedule a special visit. Get beyond the classroom – show your child the hallways, the bathroom and other important places like the library too. And don’t forget the fun – make sure you leave some playground time.
  3. Take turns telling a story with your girl. Even if she’s the social butterfly in your neighborhood or within the family, she still may need a little boost to help her communicate with others in a new setting. Tell a piece of the story as your child listens and ask her to pick up where you left off. It’s not only fun, but also really develops the listening and communication skills that will give her a smooth transition into kindergarten. Reading bedtime stories is helpful too. Try stories and books about kindergarten, as the first day gets closer.
  4. Do a practice run. A few days before school starts, set the alarm for the new wake up time, visit the bus stop, or walk the route to school. If you have neighbors who will be attending the same school, it might be a great time to find your bus buddy – or a friendly face to join her on the first ever walk to school.
  5. Kindness counts. Friendships are important, but if this will be the first time you don’t choose her friends, just remember one thing: That’s ok. To reinforce the skills that will help her make new friends, let her know when you see those positive behaviors in action. Like the way she shared with a younger sibling or neighborhood playmate? Tell her. Did she notice someone was sad and try to cheer her up? Let her know what a nice thing she did. And when kids aren’t kind: Make sure she’s just as comfortable as her brother is speaking up for herself and being her own advocate.

Looking for more things to do with your daughter? Check out more tips and activities you can do together to help her get ready for school.

icantwaitWe’re making our summer push for girls and adult volunteers to join Girl Scouts, the country’s preeminent leadership development organization for girls. With families already thinking about how to allocate their free time during the coming school year, Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) has released new data showing the organization’s benefit for both girls and volunteers.

Results of a summer 2014 pulse poll conducted with over 3,500 volunteers and parents of Girl Scouts in the K-5 age range show positive effects on members of all ages. Ninety-seven percent of parents agree that Girl Scouts has been a positive activity for their daughter, that she had fun and exciting new experiences (95 percent), and that she has learned or tried something new (96 percent). In addition, 94 percent of parents say that because of Girl Scouts their daughter feels special, has more friends (95 percent), and is happier (89 percent).

The data shows it is not just girls who benefit: 94 percent of volunteers have made new friends, 88 percent believe their life is better because they volunteer with Girl Scouts, and two-thirds believe their volunteer experience has helped them professionally. Ninety-five percent of Girl Scout volunteers are happy knowing they are making girls’ lives better.

“Girl Scouts has provided a safe, fun, and engaging place for girls and adult volunteers to lead and thrive for over 100 years,” said Anna Maria Chavez, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA. “We know the majority of volunteers feel their Girl Scout experience has helped them both personally and professionally, but in many places throughout the country, the lack of volunteers is what keeps girls on waiting lists. Every adult who volunteers for Girl Scouts can help us bring fun, new experiences to at least five girls. Imagine what that can do to shape the next generation of female leaders.”

Girl Scouts gives girls a place to explore topics of interest in a judgment-free space outside of classroom confinements; it cultivates cooperative and self-directed learning, as well as the growth mindset (the understanding that intelligence and talent can be developed) – all of which help foster a lifetime passion for learning. The variety of experiences and the value for the money the Girl Scout program provides are also popular selling points. Eighty-nine percent of parents say their daughter gets a greater variety of experiences from Girl Scouts than she does from other extracurricular activities, and the majority of parents feel Girl Scouts is a great value for the money compared to other extracurricular activities. Overall, parents consider Girl Scouts one of the most beneficial extracurricular activities for their daughter.

“We are excited to be able to offer a variety of programs to girls,” said Pam Hyland, CEO of the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways. “From programs focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math, to programs that better the community, such as volunteering at a food pantry – there are many opportunities for girls. Girls begin their leadership journeys early by choosing what they want to do and be involved in.”

Girl Scouts is open to all girls from kindergarten through grade 12. The more adults that step forward to volunteer, the more girls will get the chance to be a Girl Scout. Adults over age 18 may become volunteers; both girls and adult volunteers can join at any time of the year. Girl Scout volunteers come from all walks of life; they are men, women, young professionals, retirees, college students, and more. For more information on volunteering, visit

To join the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways, click here for more information.

By: Carleen Lattin, Troop Leader and National Council Delegate in Elmira

GS_DCTA_Mark_Stacked_RGB (2)“I can’t wait to go back and do that again!” says a girl entering first grade, after visiting Watkins Glen State Park, hiking the gorges and seeing the waterfalls. It is one of the many outdoor experiences that keeps getting reiterated to me constantly throughout the year, whether a Daisy or a Cadette.

It’s no surprise that when troops start up in the fall again, one of the first things they say they will want to do is go camping, every weekend if I’d let them.

In a matter of weeks, fall recruitment season for troops will start up. But also for me, in approximately 2 months, I will be traveling to Salt Lake City for the 53rd National Convention in October. I am excited to hear more about our suggestions, thoughts, questions, discussions, and challenges regarding outdoor experiences in Girl Scouts.

Proceeding the convention, I will also be attending the History Conference. Learning from other councils’ best practices and methods regarding collections and organizations of local council Girl Scout historical material is fascinating and helpful.

I am so excited to recruit more girls and for my trip to the History Conference and to the National Convention. Most importantly, get outside and enjoy the outdoors!

Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

SM_GirlsCanBeAnythingGirl Scouts has a long history of providing girls with opportunities to have experiences in the outdoors. Recently Girl Scouts conducted some research on the impact of outdoor experiences on girls in Girl Scouts. Here are three of the findings from that research:

Girls really enjoy outdoor experiences in Girl Scouts – 62% of girls reported enjoying outdoor experiences. The ones they most liked included; camping, playing outside, field trips, and swimming

Girl Scouts helps girls connect with and care for the environment – Girl Scouts report a much higher environmental stewardship than girls not involved in our organization.

Camping experiences build leadership – More than half of all girls asked reported increasing a skill because of their camping experience.

For more information on the research and all of the findings, visit the Girl Scouts website here.


Fall Recruitment

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

Fall recruitment icantwaitis just about upon us! Service units work in partnership with staff to plan recruitment events in many areas throughout the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways jurisdiction.

There are many different types of recruitment. Girls and adults interested in joining Girl Scouting can often find registration information at school open houses, school assemblies, as printed information sent home through schools, or in school cafeterias, at community festivals and fairs, in community locations such as libraries and community centers, and as printed information sent home through school sports programs. Girls and adults can also register online through eBiz.

If your service unit is planning a fall recruitment and/or registration event you can let your community development manager know so that the information can be listed on the council website. Community members and interested people can then find your event easily and quickly!

For more information on the resources available to service units when planning recruitment, contact your community development manager. For information on events, and how to join Girl Scouts, visit the council website at



By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

amahamiJoin together with Girl Scouts near and far to celebrate Amahami’s 85th Anniversary!

The celebration will take place at Fletcher Lodge on Saturday, September 6 from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The day-long celebration will include an opening flag ceremony, a future of Amahami presentation, a showcase of the anniversary project, birthday cake and lunch, a trip back in time to look at Amahami throughout the decades via songs and memories highlighting each camp unit, guided camp tours, and more! Join us to celebrate this incredible anniversary!

You can bring your own lunch of purchase a pre-pay box lunch for $10 each provided by Main St. Grill in Afton.

Those attending are asked to RSVP with their lunch payment by August 25 to:

Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways
ATTN: Jessica Mastrobattista
8170 Thompson Road
Cicero, NY 13039-9393

Beverages and dessert will be provided for everyone.

If you have any questions, contact Jessica at (315) 698-9400, ext. 2018 or

We can’t wait to celebrate this milestone anniversary with you!

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