Celebrate Scouting Forever Stamp Available!

On Saturday the U.S. Postal Service unveiled the Celebrate Scouting First-Class Mail Forever stamp during the Rock the Mall event in Washington, D.C.

Through audience participating, the crowd at the event sang along to “Let Us Show You the Scouting Stamp” sung to the tune of “Take Me out to the Ball Game.” Celebrating Scouting is the “sister” stamp to the 2010 Scouting stamp that pays tribute to scouting organizations for the opportunities they have provided millions of youth worldwide.

“The Celebrate Scouting stamp is our special way of creating a lasting tribute to the Girl Scouts – by celebrating in song, a rich movement that began nearly a century ago and continues to develop young girls into future global leaders,” said Giselle Valera, vice president, Global Business. “I’m positive that the ideals of courage, confidence and character that I learned through scouting as a young girl helped me achieve the success I have as a woman today.”

Since the birth of the scouting movement, more than a century ago, millions of youths have learned to find their way in the world with skills and confidence acquired through scouting. Some of the first scouting experiences provided opportunities to hike, camp, study first aid and learn to tell time by the stars. While scouts still enjoy those activities, today they benefit from the latest advances in science and technology, with outdoor experiences offering opportunities to study ecology and discover new ways to protect the environment.

Will you be getting the new Celebrate Scouting stamp?

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