A Trip to Washington, DC

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

So, where in the world have the Girl Scouts been?

This past summer 4 girls from troop 40938, in Auburn NY, along with their leader Jaime Gleason, and 2 other adults, took a trip to Washington DC

The girls began planning their trip about 6-8 months ahead of time and in order to go knew they needed to raise funds to help with the cost. Girls in the troop participated in the product sale and the cookie sale and held bottle and can drives to raise extra funds needed.

Being girl led is important to Jaime, so the girls planned all the activities they would do during their trip, where they would dine, and also planned stopping in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on their way to Washington.

While on the trip they went to the wax museum where they had their photo taken with the wax Juliette, enjoyed the international spy museum, had a Hard Rock Café breakfast especially for Girl Scouts, and of course, attended the Girl Scouts Rock the Mall.

One thing both the girls, and their troop leaders, learned from their trip was that if girls put their mind to things they can do anything. At first the girls were worried about not having enough money to do all they wanted to do, but with planning and prioritizing they made the trip a reality.

According to Jaime, who has been a Girl Scout volunteer for many years, travel opportunities in Girl Scouting, “provide good experience and life lessons like budgeting.”  This year the girls are planning two trips, one to a local zoo, and one to the Niagara Aquarium.

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