What can a Girl do?

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

…..a world of good!

That is the theme for the 2012-2013 Girl Scout cookie sale at Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways. I learned about that, and some exciting other things to come, last night at one of the training sessions for Service Unit Cookie Coordinators.

Service Unit Cookie Coordinator training is taking place throughout the next few weeks at various locations throughout the NYPENN jurisdiction. Once those are completed, we will be offering troop level training as well! Troop leaders and/or troop level cookie coordinators with less than two years’ experience with the product sale program are encouraged to attend an in-person training, which promises to be FUN and informative. Experienced volunteers will have the option to choose a webinar session.

At the training, volunteers were treated to a taste of all of the delicious varieties of cookies available this year – all of which are returning flavors from last year – while they learned the ins and outs of the sales. Information on the cookie club, the troop payment process, and cookie cupboards was shared.

The presenters also shared three other exciting bits of information. Troops that earn a 175 box per girl average will receive an awesome t-shirt for every girl in the troop, as well as two for the troop’s adult volunteers! Girls who sell 1,000+ boxes will be treated this year to a Misty Hollow/Corning experience where they will participate in museum fun, and an overnight at Misty! And, for the first time ever, a chance to participate in the world’s largest sleepover – by participating in the National Girl Scout Sleepover! Save the date of January 12, 2013 and share in this virtual event with Girl Scouts from across the country. It’s all about girls, goals, games, and of course, COOKIES!

Don’t miss the cookie coordinator training in your area!

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