Three for Thanksgiving

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

Mmmmm….. As you are reading this I smell the delicious smell of that turkey cooking. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. I love everything about it! The smell of all the food, the sound of the Macy’s parade and football on television, and of my sometimes very loud family sitting around the table all day, engaging in what can be interesting discussions.

My preschool age children look at me with blank stares as I try to explain why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is because of my love of family, and tradition, and of course, food. They, however, cannot yet imagine how a favorite holiday can be one where there are no toys or candy involved in the celebration.

One part of the Girl Scout Law especially fits nicely with the Thanksgiving holiday – Teaching girls how to be considerate and caring. So, here are three ways you can incorporate the values and ideas behind this holiday into your Girl Scout activities.

  • With younger age girls make a thankful turkey asking each girl to list what she is thankful for  or how she was considerate of others on the feathers of the turkey and display it at your troop meeting location
  • Girls of all ages can learn about caring for others by helping bake goods for donation to area food pantries.
  • Older Girl Scouts can host a hunger banquet in their community to help raise awareness of the problems with hunger that many people face.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What do you enjoy most about Thanksgiving?

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