Scholarship Offered for Scuba and Sea Turtle Adventure

destinationsBy Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

Did you know that Girl Scouts offers girls, ages 11-17, a chance to go somewhere new, do something different, and meet people from anywhere you could imagine? By participating in a Destination girls can have these wonderful opportunities to immerse themselves in other cultures.

Another exciting bit of news…right now GSUSA is offering a scholarship for girls applying for the Outward Bound Costa Rica’s Scuba and Sea Turtle Adventure! In this 14-day program girls will explore Panama’s Caribbean coast, the marine life in the area, learn to scuba dive, and take part in a service project designed to protect the endangered sea turtle population. The scholarship is for $625.00, which is 1/3 off the total amount of the course price, and is being offered to girls who demonstrate need and merit.

There will only be 12 girls selected for the scholarship so girls should apply now if they are interested! Instructions for applying include applying for the Destination and then completing the Scholarship application. Acceptances for first round applications will be announced in mid January.

For information on other Destinations being offered in Costa Rica visit


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