Donate to Girl Scouts and Roc The Day!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

LogoIt’s Roc the Day 2012! On 12/12/12 – make sure you take a stand and donate!

As a society, we lose something every time a girl doesn’t raise her hand in school We are poorer every time she doesn’t say what’s on her mind. Our future is a little bit smaller every time a girl chooses not to lead.

Today’s girls represent humanity’s largest untapped talent pool. Too many urgent challenges go unmet because too few girls become leaders. Yet only one girl in five believes that she has what it takes to lead the way for others.

The Girl Scout experience gives young women the confidence and the tools to lead – to find, inside the uncertain girl, the citizen who will make a difference in her world.

Will you help ToGetHerThere? Take a stand and let a girl know that you support her! Roc The Day! You can begin donating at midnight on 12/12/12.

Every hour, one lucky ROCstar (donor) will be randomly chosen to give an extra $500 bonus to the charity of their choice. Get in early because there are 24 chances to win!

Thanks to the Rochester Area Community Foundation, every two hours the organizations with the most ROC-star donors during that time period will receive an extra $1000 bonus!

Are you ready to Roc the day? To donate on 12/12/12, click here.

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