Girl Scouts Tagged as Geniuses When it Comes to Selling Cookies!

cookies newThe January/February issue of Food Network Magazine calls Girl Scouts Geniuses in its On The Road section of the magazine.

Here’s the excerpt:

Some Girl Scouts have become geniuses at pushing Thin Mints, Trefoils and Caramel deLites. According to records from last cookie season, scouts in San Gorgonio Council, based in Redlands, CA, sold more than 200 boxes each on average. And the Girl Scouts of Utah, headquartered in Salt Lake City, weren’t far behind, averaging a whopping 194 boxes each. Want to help your local troops up their numbers? Download the Cookie Finder app (free, available on the iPhone and Google Play) or visit to locate sales near you.

Did you know that last year the girls in our council sold over 2.1 million boxes of cookies? That’s a lot of customers teaching girls to set goals, make decisions, manage money, interact with people, and run a business!

Did you also know that 7,776 of those boxes were donated to the Salvation Army as part of our council-wide Gift of Caring Program? Friday’s blog will detail more about this year’s council-wide Gift of Caring program!

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