Three Things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development


Have I mentioned that spring is almost here? Are you looking for badges that you can work on with the girls in your troop that are related to spring? Here are three:

For Daisy Girl Scouts girls can earn the Make the World a Better Place petal. Girls can clean up community gardens to get them ready for planting, or begin planting flowers from seeds or bulbs which can be transferred to the ground to help beautify their communities once it’s warmer.

Junior Girl Scouts can work on their Flowers badge. Activities from this badge include growing flowers from seeds or bulbs, finding flowers that are really fruits in disguise or that are actually edible, or making dried flower art.

Cadette Girl Scouts can visit a sugar house to learn how maple trees are tapped, can make crafts from pinecones or bark from fallen trees, or can plant a new tree in their community while working on the Trees badge.

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