Local Girl Scout Donates Cookies to Soldiers!

As reported by My ABC50 TV in Watertown:

cookie donation“I wanted to do something to give back to the soldiers” said 7-year-old Girl Scout, Annabelle Sweet. Ms. Sweet is the daughter of Lt. Col. Zeke Sweet who said that it was all Annabelle’s idea to raise Girl Scout cookies for soldiers.

Ms. Sweet raised 60 boxes of Girl Scout cookies for soldiers last year and 100 this year, a total of over $450 worth of cookies. Soldiers lined up at the USO on post Wednesday to have hot dogs and free Girl Scout cookies.

“Soldiers work really hard,” said Ms. Sweet, “that’s why I wanted to do this. I hope that next year I can raise 200 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to give to the soldiers.” A number of soldiers lined up, letting Ms. Sweet know that they would come back to buy cookies from the Girl Scout, and were surprised to find the cookies were free.

Ms. Sweet received a lot of handshakes and many thanks from hungry soldiers appreciating all of her hard work.

Great job Annabelle! If you’re donating cookies to a group or organization – let us know about it! Send the details to kdunne@gsnypenn.org.

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