Three Things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

cookies newIt is now cookie booth season time! A chance for troops to go out in their communities and sell those delicious cookies. If you’re a troop looking to hold a cookie booth, here are three locations you may not have thought of to try.

Banks are a great location for your cookie booth during their busiest times – Thursday and Friday late afternoons and Saturday mornings. They have a high amount of customer traffic at these times which could help your sales. Many troops have found banks to be very accomodating to Girl Scout troops looking to hold a booth sale

Movie Theaters – If you live near a theatre that is not inside a mall this could be a great opportunity for a booth sale. Of course the time between Friday evening and Sunday matinee times would be best. Also consider setting up near a Redbox.

Bingo Halls – lots of customers, looking for snacks while they play BINGO. I thought this was a very unique idea!

Remember you can find tips on how to bling your booth sale, more sale ideas, and other helpful the information at the Girl Scouts website and Little Brownie Baker website.


Looking for a booth sale in your area? Download the app! The Girl Scout Cookie Locator is once again available online and for the iPhone and Android. This free app lets you search for Girl Scout cookie booth locations by zip code. It also uses GPS data to automatically find the Girl Scout cookie sale closest to your current location. To view the cookie locator online, go to To download the app on your cell phone, call **GSCOOKIES (**472665437) and follow the instructions.

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