Cookie Success

By Lisa Kaminksi; Manager, Community Development

cookie boxesThe Girl Scout cookie program teaches girls 5 life skills including goal setting, decision making, money management, business ethics and people skills. Many times girls may not display the newly learned skills until they’ve participated in the sale, and practiced them, a lot. Sometimes, however, girls’ families, troop leaders, and teachers begin to see changes in a girl’s behavior.

Rosey Kraus, a leader in Newark service unit, recently contacted us with a story about a girl in her troop. The girl began the scout year as what Rosey described as, “a very, very, very shy girl” who struggled with socializing with other girls because of her shyness. Since the girl began participating in the cookie sale this year, Rosey, as well as the girl’s teachers, have seen a tremendous change in the girl! She began by talking to customers at booth sales, and answering questions about cookies. With each sale she is gaining more and more confidence. Her school teacher has commented about the improvements in her socializing at school and at her troop meeting she found the courage to answer questions in front of her entire troop!

Rosey attributes the changes to the skills the girl is learning through the sale and believes that it is because of the Girl Scout cookie sale program that this little girl is finding her courage and confidence.

This story was a great example of the good that Girl Scouting, and its’ volunteers do, daily. We are really building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who will make the world a better place. Often times we think only about the Thin Mints or Samoas in the package, and how good they taste. It’s important to be reminded, and to remember, the good that comes from outside of the box.

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