Cookie Booth Idea

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

Destiny troop
Troop 10233 selling cookies at Destiny USA mall

There is one more week of selling cookies so as a final push for making your troop cookie goals I offer a unique idea I received via e-mail from a troop leader in the Syracuse area.

Her troop, Cadette Troop 10233, recently held a cookie booth at the Destiny USA mall. To bring people over to the booth they offered cookie samples. They broke apart some of the less popular kinds of cookies (with gloves on) and handed the samples out to everyone that walked by. They broke apart the cookies so the samples would spread farther. The troop leader, Cindy, says it was fun to see the ah-ha moment when people realized they really like the cookie they tried and wanted to know which one it was because they wanted to buy it.

The girls also asked everyone that bought some cookies if they wanted to donate cookies to troops overseas. A lot of the customers said yes and we’re happy to see them going to the troops. The girls also thanked those who said they had bought from other girls for supporting Girl Scouts!

During the cookie booth the girls sold 189 boxes of cookies, including 42 boxes donated to the troops overseas.

The troop of three girls has sold a total of 1,080 boxes of cookies this year and 102 boxes of cookies will be going to the troops overseas!

Way to go girls!

If you have a unique cookie selling story to share, e-mail it to

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