ToGetHerThere College Programs

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

hinks college life pic

This week two ToGetHerThere college programs were planned in the Phelps region. The first took place at Finger Lakes Community College Wayne County Campus on Tuesday. 30 girls from a local middle school were given the opportunity to take part in workshops focusing on self-esteem, body image, and career exploration. The workshops took place on the college campus, giving girls a chance to immerse themselves in a college environment.

Middle School guidance counselors were excited that girls would take part in activities that focused on issues that girls face every day such as bullying and self-esteem building. The college staff also helped by providing workshops on career exploration and a question and answer session on what it takes to get into college and different financial aid options.

The keynote speaker, Christina Hinks, shared what Girl Scouting meant to her and how it helped her in her own career path. Christina talked about the opportunities that Girl Scouting offered to her both in her own community, and in her travels with Girl Scouting. She also shared how she volunteers with Girl Scouting now and the opportunities for girls today.

At the end of the program girls’ shared that the workshops helped them learn what it would be like to go to college, to think about their futures, and to learn valuable lessons about themselves and their own self-worth.

The second program is taking place on Thursday at Wells College where girls from Auburn, NY will take part in similar workshops and keynote speaker Lisa Marsh Ryerson will share her thoughts on scouting, careers, and college. Wells program participants will also be offered a tour of campus and a chance to hear a panel discussion with college students on what college life is all about.


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