It’s All About Power!

earth hour girl scoutsIf we Girl Scouts power up to inspire and lead is it OK to power down, too? You bet! Join the Girl Scouts Forever Green – Save Energy Project and tell all of our friends to change out their energy sapping incandescent light bulbs for Energy Star qualified (or other energy-efficient lightbulbs) and join Earth Hour’s efforts for 2013.

Earth Hour takes places from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. on March 23. Can you imagine looking at a vision of lights going out through each time zone across the world one hour at a time? That’s what happens when we join together to power down. So far, in our efforts to power down and save energy through our relationships with Earth Hour, we’ve saved over 50,433,069 kWh of energy and eliminated 77,666,926 pounds of CO2. That’s like removing almost 7,000 cars from our busy roads! By turning off your lights for just 60 minutes on March 23 you can take positive action for the environment and inspire others to do the same!

Earth Hour is an invitation to change the world. By carrying out additional ways to conserve and save energy, you can make the symbolism of Earth Hour come alive throughout the year and create significant positive environmental impact.

Girl Scouts in all parts of the world are leading efforts to go beyond the hour while doing activities in It’s Your Planet – Love It! Leadership Journeys. They have found additional ways to take further action. Check out Get Moving! Girl Scouts’ National Leadership Journey for Juniors that’s all about saving energy. Adult volunteers can use the Get Moving! with Girl Scouts Forever Green.

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