Considerate and Caring

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development


Considerate and Caring

What does that mean? Considerate is the act of making sure you don’t hurt others. Caring is feeling and exhibiting empathy for others. It is part of the Girl Scout Law. So, how do we teach girls to be more considerate and caring?

Daisy Girl Scouts are in Kindergarten and First grade so they are often just beginning to learn about making friends. Teaching them to be considerate of and to care for, others will help them on the road to building new friendships.  Making swaps, having the girls be pen pals with the each other, and having discussions about what girls can do when others aren’t considerate of them all help to teach the youngest Girl Scouts about this part of our Law.

Brownie Girl Scouts can work on the Making Friends badge where they will learn about showing friends they care and learning how to disagree with others. Troops might also develop their own set of considerate troop “rules” and have discussions on how to handle situations when others are not considerate.

Older Girl Scouts can learn about bullying through the aMaze journey. They can also learn about consideration and caring by working with younger girl troops and by implementing take action projects in their communities.


What ways are you teaching girls in your troop to be considerate and caring?


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