Three Things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development


Although it may not feel like it outside, summer is just around the corner. Summer at Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways means Girl Scout summer camp. This year summer camp will be held at two locations – Camp Trefoil and Comstock Program Center. Here are three summer camp programs you may be interested in:

Team Extreme at Comstock Program Center is taking place July 29-August 2 and is open to girls in 4th-5th grades. Girls will have the chance to develop new games and make their own rules! They will spend time each day working with their team to solve puzzles and riddles. They will also get to design a scavenger hunt and learn about orienteering.

Nature Nuts at Camp Trefoil is for girls in 2nd and 3rd grades. Girls will have tons of fun while they explore the outdoors.They will learn about endangered animals, build a bird house, explore various habitats and even make their own animal habitat. This program is running July 7-12th.

Troop Core Camping at Camp Trefoil is taking place June 14-16 and is open to girls in all grade levels and troop leaders. This is a chance to celebrate your troop’s great year! There will be boating, swimming, campfires, and more.

There are many great summer camp programs to choose from. If you are interested in these or finding out more about the others being offered check out the summer camp brochure on the council website.

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