Girls: Design A Camp Patch!

canoeingWe want you to visit all of our beautiful properties and you can be the designer of the patch that commemorates girls’ visits!

The patch should be designed in such a way that separate pieces can be added as girls visit each property. Be creative! What design would make you want to collect all five? The combined patch should be no larger than 4 inches round or square, and a maximum of four colors (one color would be the background twill). The patch should be symmetrical in shape.

Girls of all ages can submit a design. Designs and completed entry forms should be sent to Judy Gallagher, Director of Marketing & Communications, Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways, Inc., 300 Route 318, Phelps, NY 14532. All submissions are due by April 17.

For contest questions e-mail or call 800.943.4414, ext. 2315.

The first round of judging will take place at the Adult Recognition dinners. The top three designs will be displayed and voted on at the Annual Meeting in Geneva on May 4. For more information about the adult recognition dinners or the annual meeting, visit our website,

We can’t wait to see what designs you come up with!

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