Spring registration

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development


The end of the school year is approaching. Girl Scouting lasts throughout the year, with camp programs, special summer series, council events, service unit events, and troop activities taking place. However, many troops do decide to limit the activities they plan or take a break during the summer months.

Before you take that break remember now is the time to re-register your Girl Scout membership for next year! Early bird registration for the 2014 membership year is now taking place. You can register here.

There are many different options for registering. A parent can re-register their own daughter using the eBiz registration system. Girls’ parents would need to simply create a login if they’ve never done so before. Instructions for how to do so can be obtained by contacting your local service unit manager, or community development manager.

Troop leaders can also re-register the girls in their troops. In order to do this the troop leader must have her/his own login. They then select troop management in eBiz and are able to re-register any of the girls in the troop.

Many service units are holding spring registration events now. If you are a service unit volunteer and would like to have an event in your community speak with a community development manager.

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