Looking to share special skills?

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development


Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways is looking for volunteers for both Waterfront Certified Lifeguards and Canoe Instructors. Often times service units have planned encampments and don’t have people to fill these two important roles. Service units would then be able to contact the council staff for a listing of people who are willing to help out at the various encampments

A Waterfront Certified Lifeguard has taken training to develop the skills necessary to prevent and respond to emergencies in a waterfront environment. Through the training they have learned to identify behaviors of swimmers and distressed swimmers. They have also learned the components of an emergency action plan and how to activate one, and also how to perform water rescue.

A Canoe Instructor has taken training where they have learned about outdoor protection, canoeing equipment, launching and landing, boarding, stability, and basic paddling strokes.

If you are interested in sharing your special skill in either of these area please contact Karen Lubecki at klubecki@gsnypenn.org


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