Three Things for Thursday


By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

Our new volunteer onboarding process has just three steps. Here they are:

Anyone interested in volunteering for Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways needs to complete a volunteer application and a background check. The new volunteer application can be found online at  It can be found by clicking here. Instructions for entering information for the background check can be accessed as well.

The second step is for a potential volunteer to complete Girl Scouting 101, an online training. The password needed to access the training is aboutgs101. In this 45 minute online training participants learn about the history of Girl Scouting, different ways to participate, our mission, promise and law, and staying safe. The training can be found at

The third step is to have an interview and orientation with either a volunteer services manager or in some case a volunteer facilitator in the community. This step provides participants with information on their own local community and Girl Scouting, helps to see what volunteer roles fit well with what the potential volunteer is interested in, and provides a contact for the new volunteer.

For more information on volunteering check out the council website at

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