Racing toward fun!

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

nascar pic

The sport of racing. Did you know that NASCAR began allowing female drivers back in 1949? In a male dominated sport Sara Christian became the first woman to drive in a NASCAR race. From that point there were no other female drivers until 1976, when Janet Guthrie participated in the 1976 World 600 and finished 15th, ahead of Dale Earnhart. In 2013 Danica Patrick beacme the first woman to clinch a pole position in the Sprint Cup.

Having role models in the sport has helped to make it increasingly popular to girls and women.

Are girls in your troop interested in the sport of racing? Have you thought about participating in the Race of Champions at Watkins Glen International?

This program event is taking place June 28-30 at Watkins Glen Racetrack. It is open to girls of all ages and adults and promises plenty of entertainment for the entire family! There will be racing, a driver autograph session, camping, contests, and more. Girls will also have a chance to participate in a powder puff derby!

For more information on this program, and how to register, visit the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways website at

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