Camp Sparks A Fire For Local Girl Scout!

As reported in the Utica Observer Dispatch:

lo0119Kitty2Some of Samantha Johnson’s best times have been spent around a campfire.

The 12-year-old learned how to safely build a fire during her summers at Girl Scout camp, which she attended with help from Operation Sunshine. The Observer-Dispatch’s charity helps parents cover the cost of summer camp so that their children can grow and learn from their experiences there.

Without the campership program to help pay the way, Samantha “wouldn’t be going,” her mother, Renee Johnson said.

“She’s gone to camp since she was in first grade; this will be her sixth year,” Johnson said. “She’s learned how to build a fire and how to be safe around a fire. Matter of fact, she cooked for us the other night on a fire.”

When it comes to the activities at camp, Samantha said she enjoys the hiking, arts and crafts and water activities offered, but it’s the practical things – such as survival skills – that she has most enjoyed learning.

“Always use the natural resources you can find,” Samantha said, echoing one of those lessons. “They taught us how to find bark off of the ground and then get branches.”

This summer, Samantha will be one of the Night Owls with the older girls at camp.

“We get to go for hikes and get to do arts and crafts. One year, we made boats out of twigs and strings,” she said. “You get to stay up late and get up later in the morning. I’m looking forward to staying up late with my friends and hanging out around a campfire.”

To help girls attend camp or participate in any of the other great programs Girl Scouts offers, click here to learn about the many ways you can make a difference in a girls life and make a donation!

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