Camp A Valuable Experience for Staff Too!

From the Utica Observer-Dispatch:

lo0119Kitty2The kids aren’t the only ones itching to get back to summer camp.

The adults leading the Girl Scout overnight camps at Camp Trefoil and Camp Comstock are just as excited.

“It’s such a great opportunity, to be out in nature,” Waterfront Director Betheny Jennings said. “It’s awesome. They get a wonderful experience and it’s worth every penny, for sure. It’s just something everyone should experience. The week flies by.”

This year, however, an increase in demand for the Club Med and Night Owl programs for some of the older junior Girl Scouts meant that the summer program had to add extra sessions to make sure everyone got the chance to attend the camp to which they wanted to go.

“We’ve added a few extra sessions,” Senior Camp Administrator Karen Lubecki said. “They’ve always been popular, but this year they were super popular.”

The Girl Scouts are affiliated with Operation Sunshine, and O-D charity helping to send children to summer camp. Camps Comstock and Trefoil are a home away from home for a lot of girls during the summer, including those attending through the Operation Sunshine campership program.

Program Director Zoe Fabian believes spending time away from home at camp is a part of growing up.

“Anybody can benefit from coming to camp,” she said.

The purpose of the staff at the Girl Scout camps is “making sure that they have a good time while learning a lot of life skills,” Fabian said. “This is kind of a step in growing up.”

How to help

To donate, visit or call Michele Howgate at (315) 792-5003.

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