Girl Scouts Leads to A World of Opportunities!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

Amelia at camp
Amelia at camp

Amelia Trenga, originally from Fayetteville, began her Girl Scout career as a Daisy in kindergarten. She enjoyed everything Girl Scouts offered but her favorite memory is attending camp at Yaiewano.

“Camp has helped shape who I am, what I’m interested in, and given me skills like being able to meet new people,” Amelia said. “At Yaiewano there was a waterfront activity called banana boating which was a tube shaped like a banana that we rode in the water behind a motor boat. That was one of my favorite things of all time to do was ride the banana boat and try to stay on as long as possible with the driver making donuts in the water and trying to do crazy tricks. From camp I grew to love water activities and became a lifeguard, fulfilling my childhood goal of being able to work at a Girl Scout camp when I was old enough.”

It was because of her experiences at Girl Scout camp that she is doing what she is today. In addition to attending Baldwin Wallace University in Cleveland, Ohio studying Criminal Justice and minoring in Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, and Pre-law Studies, she is working at a Boy Scout camp in New Mexico, the largest youth camp in the world, Philmont Scout Ranch.

“Girl Scouts has helped me to get to where I am today because of the values it taught me. Hard work, leadership, working for what you want, discipline, trying new things, the list goes on and on. At school I am the Supreme Court Chief Justice of our Student Supreme Court, president of several clubs, in the Honors Program, high honor roll, work at the largest youth camp in the world, and I am a thriving independent individual,” Amelia said. “I don’t know if without Girl Scouts I would be in the same place in life, with the same opportunities, the same leadership skills, the same work ethic. I have a love of the outdoors and camping and backpacking that came to me from going to camp. Girl Scout summer cam is one of the best things I ever did and looked forward to all year long.

Amelia encourages other girls to participate in Girl Scouts because it leads to a world of opportunities.

“Not only does Girl Scouts teach teamwork and leadership but it helps you in way you could never imagine. As part of a badge I was working on in early high school, I shadowed a lawyer and because of that I was able to understand that that was the career path I wanted to take. I am in leadership positions today because of the skills that Girl Scouts taught me. Scouting in general, instills values in a person that just can’t come from a sports team or a school play. Girl Scouts teaches the values that will stick with a person and mold a person for life.”

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