Fall Recruitment

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development


Fall recruitment season is nearly upon us. If you attended one of the fall regional meetings recently held in locations around the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways jurisdiction you probably received this year’s new recruitment materials!

The new materials theme is “I can’t wait to…” A way to let girls, parents, and the community know what girls in Girl Scouting can’t wait to do once they join Girl Scouting. Maybe they can’t wait to go camping, learn about being a scientist, or take a trip to the aquarium. Maybe they can’t wait to visit Camp Hoover or learn horseback riding. The options are as varied as the girls in the troops.

The materials include such things as flyers that can be distributed in the community, stickers, pencil, parent brochures, yard signs, and door hangers.

Service units in the process of planning fall recruitment events should contact their Community Development Manager if they’ve not received these supplies or if they are in need of additional supplies.

For information on recruitment and registration events being held around the council jurisdiction watch for updates on the website at www.gsnypenn.org

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