Family help

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

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As troops begin to form with the new school year beginning we find that often parents have some memories of Girl Scouting from when they may have been involved as children, but may not really now how the troop operates. They have questions about what their girls’ will do in the troop, what trips they might take, what badges they might work on. They may even want to help out somehow but are never quite sure what they could do.

While searching different council website for ideas on recruitment I happened upon the following list which included 100 ways parents and families could help a troop and a girl have a great Girl Scout experience. I thought it was a great resource and would encourage troop leaders to share with the parents of their troop or come up with your own ideas specific to what you might need help with. Here are 50 of the items on the list. You can find the complete list at the Girl Scouts of San Diego website

50 Ways to Maximize Her Girl Scout Experience

  1. Ask the leader what you can do to help the troop
  2. Go on field trips
  3. Learn more about Girl Scouts and share the information with your Girl Scout
  4. Read her Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting
  5. Learn the Girl Scout Law
  6. Help her understand the Girl Scout Law
  7. Live by the Girl Scout Law
  8. Be a cheerleader for her ideas
  9. Contribute to the troop
  10. Make a donation to our council in your Girl Scout’s name
  11. Encourage your girl to attend troop meetings and outings
  12. Listen to her stories about the troop’s activities and goals
  13. Help her keep her uniform ready to go
  14. Never withhold Girl Scout activities as a means of punishment
  15. Get to know the other troop families
  16. Let the girls get to know you
  17. Attend troop ceremonies
  18. Take photos
  19. Make a scrapbook of Girl Scout adventures
  20. Explore Girl Scouting beyond the troop
  21. Send her to camp
  22. Encourage her to share her experience with the rest of the family
  23. Volunteer as a family
  24. Express pride in her achievements: leadership growth, relationships, skills
  25. Stay involved as the troop ages; help her adjust to more advanced program
  26. Plan a whole meeting or parts of a meeting
  27. Help at troop meetings
  28. Attend parent meetings
  29. Provide a location for meetings, ceremonies, activities, sleepovers
  30. Act as troop treasurer and financial adviser to the girls
  31. Take Girl Scout training (leadership, outdoor, archery, ceremonies, etc.)
  32. Plan crafts
  33. Invite girls to shadow you at work
  34. Shop for materials or snacks
  35. Use handbooks  and research badge work
  36. Review and lead Journey activities
  37. Prepare snacks
  38. Manage the troop’s Cookie Program
  39. Help her plan her cookie sale strategy
  40. Distribute cookie incentives
  41. Manage the troop’s nut sale
  42. Assist with the nut sale
  43. Develop field trip ideas
  44. Provide transportation for field trips
  45. Teach songs and music activities
  46. Lead art activities;  explore galleries or museums
  47. Develop camping skills
  48. Go camping with the troop
  49. Research community service projects
  50. Tell an interesting story

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