Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development


Looking for volunteer learning opportunities so that you can more effectively work with the girls in your troop, or feel more comfortable with journey activities, or take girls on a trip or camping? Here are three opportunities you’ll find coming up soon.

Extended Trips Webinar — This one-hour course is for all volunteers who are planning trips that last three or more nights with their troop. This course introduces you to how travel connects to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. You will become familiar with the resources available, procedures to follow, safety guidelines for trips, readiness, and multiple tactics to support girls in planning and preparing for Girl Scout Trips. There are a variety of dates available.

New Leader Days – Leaders will go through the Leadership Essentials course, then receive an overview of important forms. Experienced leaders will be on hand give some advice, share their experience, and answer your questions. Please bring your lunch.

Outdoor Cooking – Have you ever made doughnuts on a campfire? Have you ever used a box oven? This course will teach you how to do these things and much more. Come hungry and leave with a wealth of knowledge about how to cook over an open fire. You will receive a cookbook of recipes from the day’s experience.

For information on these and the many other volunteer learning opportunities being offered at Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways visit the council website at



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