Three Things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community development


As many troops begin kicking off the new Girl Scout year you may, as a leader, be tempted to plan the year out full of events and activities that you think the girls would love to do. But, by doing this, you take the opportunity away from the girls to participate in girl-adult planning for the troop. Girl planning is an important step in Girl Scouting as it allows girls to feel involved, become responsible, and become self-reliant.

Here are three simple ways you can involved the girls in your troop in girl planning.

Show the girls the Discover Book and let them choose programs and events out of the book that they are interested in participating in. You can link to the online version of the book here.

If you have a Brownie grade-level troop use the Brownie circle time during your troop meetings to involved girls in discussions about interests and in planning discussions.

Finally, after taking part in activities and events as a troop, have the girls evaluate what was successful, what they liked, and what might be changed for future activities.

You can find more information about girl planning at



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