Encourage Girls to Join Girl Scouts!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

icantwait“I Can’t Wait To … be a dancing machine … be the best picture-taker ever … be a spay on a mission … be a hula-hooping queen …” Whatever she can’t wait to do … she can do with Girl Scouts!

The goal of Girl Scouts is to instill confidence, leadership skills, and a collaborative spirit in girls. But the key to teaching them those life lessons is imparting fun, imagination, and the joy of anticipation into everything we do. By joining Girl Scouts, girls will be part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience which allows girls to find out what they are interested in and pursue those interests while making a difference in their community and the world.

You can help girls become the leaders of tomorrow by encouraging them to join Girl Scouts and see what it’s all about! There are many different ways to be part of Girl Scouts. They can choose from one or more of the following pathways:

  • Troop pathway – participate in a series of programs with the same group of girls over the course of an academic year.
  • Event pathway – pick and choose from a menu of events to participate in throughout the year.
  • Camp pathway – explore the outdoors, new habitats and build unique skills at day or resident camps during the summer, and complement that with weekend camping trips any time throughout the year.
  • Series pathway – participate in a series of programs with the same group relating to a specific theme or purpose.
  • Travel pathway – plan, earn money, prepare, and participate in regional, national, and international trips.
  • Virtual pathway – explore interactive, high-quality program activities in a safe, secure, online environment supplemented by live events.

Girls entering kindergarten through 12th grade can join Girl Scouts. The annual membership fee is $15 and financial assistance is available. Adult volunteers are also needed. For more information on joining Girl Scouts, click here.

What can’t you wait to do with Girl Scouts this year?

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