When E’er You Make A Promise

By: Carleen Lattin, Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways Volunteer

EdithWalking into a building with great historical importance, you felt the warmth of sisterhood from Girl Scouts. You can imagine many girls and adults that have come to the Edith Macy Conference Center’s, The Great Hall, the original building of this facility. I took part in the pinning ceremony, receiving my Macy pin. All attendees that come to Macy for the first time receive their Macy pin in the pinning ceremony. Others that have already received their Macy pin place the pins on the first-timers.

We were honored to have Anna Maria Chavez, the CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, take part in the ceremony as well as for pictures. Of course I got a picture, with myself and three others from NYPENN Pathways, Judi Zeamer, Katherine Bootie, and Diane Bootie. After the ceremony and pictures, she gave a speech for us relating history and the importance of the relationship of History & Archives committees and the Girl Scouts council in their area they are from.

It is important for us as historians to develop relationships outside of Girl Scouts for future partnerships with them. This can be from anything from funding to partnering to come up with programs for girls. Also equally as important is that we need to be professional so that others know that we are serious about what we do and how this impacts others.

Another big topic is that we tend to use terminology that is considered “internal language” which means others may think to themselves “Huh?” It can be terms like TOFs or MA that only appears to be understand by people active in Girl Scouts or staff.

Girl Scouts impacts others in many ways and history is definitely a huge part that should never be forgotten. This also can apply to your own families. I am honored to be part of an organization that promotes the principles of the Girl Scout Promise & Law, honest & fair, friendly & helpful, etc. I hope that each and every girl participates in Girl Scouts, whether as a girl or an adult and experiences the magic of sisterhood that only Girl Scouts can provide.

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