Girl Scout Reflects On Her “I Can’t Wait To…” Experiences!

By: Sadie, Girl Scout Junior and Girl Media Team member from the Syracuse area

i cant waitLast week I got to be on the show “Bridge Street” on WSYR television in Syracuse! I got to go there because I am on the Girl Scout Media Team. I went on to try to recruit girls to join Girl Scouts. Last week that was my “I Can’t Wait To…” I had so much fun. I thought being on Bridge Street was a once in a lifetime experience. That was last week when I could not wait to do that. But now…

I Can’t Wait To……..

I can’t wait to go to new places,
I can’t wait to learn new Girl Scout history,
I can’t wait to meet new people,
I can’t wait to have loads of FUN!!

I Can’t Wait To BE A GIRL SCOUT!!!

What can’t you wait to do?

For information on joining the Girl Media Team, e-mail and live out your “I Can’t Wait To…” experiences!

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