Local Girl Scout Troop Explores Stereotypes in Video

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

boys are better than girls“Boys are better than girls at sports.” That’s the stereotype that Girl Scout troop 20087 from New York Mills and New Hartford decided to explore as they worked through a leadership Journey, part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

The girls, Sophia, Heather, Hannah, Alyssa, and Emma were working through the aMUSE Journey, part of the It’s Your Story – Tell It! Leadership Journey series. The Journey explores the many roles that women and girls play in the world around them, how stereotypes could hold them, and others, back from trying on roles, and gives girls the courage and confidence to try out new roles,

One portion of the Journey is the “Speak Out” portion where the girls learned about stereotypes and had to create a public performance that “broke” a stereotype of their choosing. The girls decided to take on the stereotype that boys are better than girls at sports. They created a movie by planning out the storyboard, the shots, props, and actions in each scene and cast the boys for the video.

The video can be viewed by clicking here.

“They’ve learned a lot from this Journey so far about believing in yourself, and pushing yourself to try and do new things,” said troop facilitator, Amy Mahardy. “We’ve cooked, created, costumed, and done all sorts of things with this Journey. We hope to finish it in the fall and begin work on our Girl Scout Bronze Award.”

Way to go girls! Share what your girls are doing by e-mailing kdunne@gsnypenn.org.

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