Birthday celebrations

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

juliette gordon low 2

In just a few weeks we’ll be celebrating Halloween. Girl Scouts know, however, that on that day we also celebrate Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday.

Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouting, was born on October 31st, 1860, in Savannah, Georgia. She was one of six children and was nicknamed Daisy, which is where the name for the youngest girl Scouts came from. She developed a lifetime interest in the arts and even grew to become a painter and sculptor. She was very athletic and even became captain of a girls’ rowing team.

Girl Scouts troops often plan events to help celebrate Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday. One service unit, the Sodus/Sodus Point service unit, is planning a service unit event for all the girls to attend. Girl will have the opportunity to play birthday party games, meet girls from other troops, make crafts, and enjoy birthday cupcakes that they will get to decorate themselves.

Service unit events such as this give girls a chance to connect with others, and for new girls to learn a bit about the history of Girl Scouting.

For more information on the history of Girl Scouting you can visit the Girl Scout website at


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