“All Girls Should Continue Being Girl Scouts”

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

Jennifer_GilletteJennifer Gillette, a lifetime Girl Scout originally from Savannah, New York, recalls her Girl Scout experiences at Bayberry Day Camp.

“My day camp days at Bayberry are what steered me down the path to pursue leadership and become involved in community service,” Gillette says. “Bayberry Day Camp, the staff, the programs and the girls all taught me so much and helped me start to become who I am today.”

In May, she graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, double majoring in Packaging, Science and Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Communications and a professional field of study in Marketing. She is now working at Gloucester Engineering Co., Inc. in Gloucester, Massachusetts where she is the Global Marketing, Public Relations & Event Coordinator.

Gillette says that a stepping stone to help her get to where she is today was her Girl Scout Gold Award Project. Her project was labeled G.S.I. – Girl Science Investigation. It was a half-day workshop that educated Girl Scouts about the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math). Girls rotated between the four workshops of Backyard Birding, Creative Chemistry, Phun with Physics, and Engaging in Engineering. She had the Women in Engineering from RIT and the Montezuma Audubon Center present at the workshop.

“My Gold Award project required excellent time management as well as organizational and leadership skills,” she said. “All of the work that went into earning my Gold Award was really a stepping stone to my college and career successes.”

Gillette goes on to say that “Girl Scouts helped me ease out of my comfort zone and rise to new challenges. I was always a shy kid and Girl Scouts changed that. I’m now an outgoing, opinionated, highly involved woman. I can stand my own ground and know when to step up to the plate. I’m the first to raise my hand to volunteer and I’m also the one who goes out of the way to break the ice. I don’t mind acting silly or engaging people in conversations or activities; I do things because I want others to laugh and have fun. Girl Scouts helped me become who I am today; it helped me find my way and give me strength and passion.”

She encourages girls to join Girl Scouts and to continue to be involved in Girl Scouts.

“Even if it is believed to be ‘uncool’ and ‘none of your friends do it,’ you will find that when you get to be my age (23), you get a ton of respect from everyone. Girl Scouts helps you discover diversity and a different side of fun. Cool or uncool, some of the most influential women of today overcame that perceived stereotype. Why not become one of them?”

Want to share your Girl Scout story? E-mail kdunne@gsnypenn.org.

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