Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

i cant waitThe Phelps region held its regional meeting for volunteers last night at Hobart and William Smith College in Geneva. Volunteers attended either cookie coordinator training or a workshop on Journeys and the Girl Scout program, depending on their volunteer position. Here are three questions that were asked during the meeting:

Another Girl Scout cookie baker is offering a gluten-free cookie this year. Does Little Brownie Baker have any plans to offer a gluten-free cookie? – At this time Little Brownie Baker does not plan to offer a gluten-free cookie as they have not found it to be cost-effective or to increase sales.

How do I reserve a program kit to use with my troop? – Program kits are available from any of the service centers and can be reserved through EBiz or by contacting your regional program manager.

I just started working with my troop. I’m a new leader. We haven’t really done anything that is motivating or inspiring this year. What can I list as something inspiring that we’ve done when all the girls have really done is get to know one another? – The girls getting to know one another in the troop is an inspiring activity. They are forming new friendships, building healthy relationships, and feeling connected to one another. Those are some of the outcomes we’re trying to achieve in Girl Scouting.

Other regions are holding, or have held, regional volunteer meetings as well. For more information on a meeting near you visit the council website at

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