Visiting with girls

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

icantwaitI had the opportunity to visit a troop meeting yesterday and talk to a few Girl Scouts about their experience in scouting. I always like doing this kind of thing because it gives me a chance to connect with girls and remember what Girl Scouting is really trying to accomplish.

The girls talked about the activities they like to do. Camping at Camp Comstock, horseback riding, music, art. As we talked they worked on a service project of making cards and gifts for people at the VA hospital. One girl told me that they decided on that as a project because some people don’t have anyone to give them gifts.

Those kinds of visits and discussions with girls in Girl Scouting help me to see how we are helping girls to discover, connect, and take action. How we are teaching them the importance of making the world a better place. In the short time I was at their troop meeting I could see them discovering things about themselves, connecting with each other, me, and the community they live in, and taking action to help others.

Girl Scouting at work.

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