Service project brings girls, volunteers and community together

By Linda Matthews; Girl Scout volunteer (Chittenango service unit)  

chitt. suThe service unit has been holding a holiday service project, for a few years now, as a group. This is the 3rd year in a row we have sung for the residents at this nursing home/rehab center in our village.  This year we began with a Unit wide session of trading S.W.A.P.S. where the girls were asked to learn at least one new Girl Scout’s name. There are many new girls involved this year ranging from Daisy grade level all the way up to Cadette grade levels!  After the swapping, we performed 9 different carols for a group of residents that gather in the recreation room for visits and entertainment.  When we got to Rudolph, a 2nd year Junior Girl Scout did the lead-in verse as a solo for us.  Then the entire group of us walked the halls going through our list of songs again so that everyone could hear us.  As a Unit, we also held a Thanksgiving Craft with the residents.  When they were done with the place mat craft, the girls made Christmas cards with the extra time.  During this Caroling Event, the girls passed them out to everyone they could find!  The girls performed all the songs extremely well and I am very proud of them all.

When we began we announced that anyone present was welcome to sing along with us and several of the residents and staff took us up on the offer.  As we walked the halls, some of the ladies we passed must have gotten the memo too, because they joined our chorus too.  We ended the event back in the recreation room with the girls doing “Boom-Chicka-Boom” and I only led the first verse.  After that, the girls raised their hands and then were allowed to lead their own “style”.  We closed with Make New Friends!

Both of these visits would not have been possible without all the volunteers coming together and making it easy for one another.  We are blessed with group of Leaders that are providing the Girl Scouts of Chittenango with fun opportunities to serve our community.

If you are interested in volunteering for Girl Scouts so that you can help provide fun opportunities for girls visit the council website at to view a list of all volunteer roles available!



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