Coming Soon!

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

i cant waitIs your Brownie Girl Scout troop working on their Brownie Quest? Learning about hunger and poverty? Maybe girls from other grade levels that you work with are working toward their Global Action award.

You might want to consider attending a Hunger Banquet.

We have an Oxfam Hunger banquet coming soon!

When: February 15, 2014                       10:00am – 12:00pm

Where: First United Methodist Church – 340 Main St, Geneva, NY 14456

Who: All registered girls and adults grades 4 and up

How: Register on EBIZ or the website, participation fee is $5/girl and $5/adult

What: Experience firsthand what it is like to dine based on affluence. Learn about the unequal distribution of food among the world’s population. On arrival, you will draw a colored ticket to determine your socioeconomic status for the evening. Your status determines what you eat and where you sit for the evening. The group will share stories about and address the issues of hunger and food distribution.The event is sure to impact all of those that attend!

For more information on this event and possible other similar events visit the council website at For information on Global Action awards visit

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