Girl Scouts Bring Smiles to Nursing Home Residents!

By: Carleen Lattin, Troop Leader in Elmira

brownies caroling Pearl City_2In the background, a man at the Chemung County Nursing Facility is singing along quietly to the song “Silent Night” while Girl Scouts carol during their dinner hour. It’s times like these that warm my heart and I know make nursing home residents a little happier, even if only for a little while. The girls anxiously pass out Christmas cards that they made to the residents. As the residents come into the dining rooms, the girls make sure they each receive a card. They even stopped into the residents rooms of those that ate dinner there instead of in the dining room.

It’s amazing to see the smiles and comments from the residents. They appreciate that some young Girl Scouts from Daisy/Brownie Troop 40026 and Cadette Troop 41406 took time out to show their love and cheer for the residents. The bond between these residents, and not to mention other older adults, is a crucial lesson that the girl may not realize now, but helps to build character. Some girls may not have much family such as grandparents, or they may live far away so it does give them a better understanding. An example of this is last year when we handed out Valentine’s Day cards at the same facility. One of the ladies ask the girls how much she owed them for the card. When we explained that she didn’t owe us anything, that it was from the kindness of our hearts, her face lit up. To them, thinking that young girls that probably didn’t know who she was would give her a card, really made her happy.

Take your girls out to give thanks, cheer and appreciation for those in the community! Whether they are in a nursing home, veterans or a family struggling to make ends meet, we all appreciate and need just that little bit of extra TLC that is deep in our hearts.

Keep on spreading the love, my wonderful Girl Scout community!

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