FIRST Gold Award Project

By: Ginger Van Allen, Girl Scout from Central Square, NY

Error 404 team11013’s Ambassador Girl Scout Amanda Van Allen’s Gold Award Project, FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Team 7012, error404, went to the Albany Academy for Girls on Sunday, January 19, for their second competition of the team’s career. At this competition, the team tested their robot against 20 other teams’ robots.

The team was partnered with five different teams for different rounds of this competition, including The Suffern Doctors, System Overloads, Nuts and Bolts, Bee Awesome, and The Raiders. They competed against five other alliances, consisting of two teams each, making a total of ten teams.

The team successfully won three of the five matches they competed in, but still conveyed the art of gracious professionalism through the duration of the competition. At the end of the competition, error404 was nominated for two awards, the Think Award and the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award.

The Think Award is given to the team that best reflects the journey the team took as they experienced the engineering design process and the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award is given to the team with the most innovative and creative robot design solution. They did not, however, win either of the awards, but they advanced to the Pace University Competition, which they will be attending on February 16.

The team’s members consist of Amanda Van Allen, who is both the creator and coach of the team; Ginger Van Allen, who is both the main driver of the robot and one of the social media experts of the team; Abby Wiss, who has taken the role of programmer; Erika Hanson, who is the driver of the robot’s attachments, the second social media expert, and the AutoCAD drawings creator; and finally Christine Andrews, who works on what is needed and is the referee of the team’s practice matches at the team’s base. The team wants to thank their sponsors, Girl Scouts, Motortronics, and Dynegy. They would also like to thank some local teams from the Utica area, Geared Up and The RoboSpartans.

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