What Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Says About You

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

gscookiesI came across this column today and found it interesting and thought provoking. The author of it talks about growing up and going to an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant in South Florida. You know the restaurants where there are signs on the wall you can’t read and always looked forward to getting that fortune cookie.

He then goes on to talk about selling Girl Scout cookies with his daughters and how they got to the point where they could predict a Thin Minter coming from a half-mile away or a Do-Si-Doer just by the way she sashays up to their sales table.

It got me thinking. Being able to know what kind of person someone is just by the Girl Scout cookie they buy. That may be helpful in an overall sales way to girls. Another way for them to connect with their customers. So read through what your favorite Girl Scout cookie says about you and let us know if it’s true!

You’re a traditionalist with a conservative bent. You danced a mental jig when high-waisted pants came back in style. You’re an early riser who gets more done in the first hour after dawn than most can accomplish in an entire day (especially those lazy, spoiled Samoa types). You probably knot and make a mean scrapbook.

Thin Mints
You like to take short cuts (such as eating 10 of these instead of brushing your teeth to achieve minty, fresh breath). People admire your confidence and easygoing attitude. You are popular, but can be a little cold. You are also delusional if you think these cookies are less fattening than the others because they are thinner.

You are old-fashioned and a comfort to be around, like a vanilla candle burning in the window on a cold winter’s night. You are faithful to your friends. (You also stick to the roof of their mouths.) You are mature, thoughtful and reliable. You like to avoid conflict.

You have two sides: one dark and mysterious, the other sweet and silly. You never take yourself too seriously. You like to make people laugh. You are creative and passionate, and sometimes too sexy for your own good. You have been known to throw tantrums, but you can get away with it because of your ability to mock yourself.

You live by your own rules. You’re a bon vivant who thinks two sticks of butter can solve any of life’s problems. Never one to shy away from excess, people find you utterly irresistible (except when you play your music too loudly). You can charm your way out of any predicament.

Savannah Smiles
You are a bit of a health nut and aim to please others with your efficiency and attention to detail. You tend to sugar-coat life to make it easier to swallow. You thrive on a tight deadline and are an excellent caregiver.

Dulce de Leche
You are a fancy food snob. It makes you feel good about yourself to eat these fancy sounding cookies with caramel. You like to go with the flow of life and enjoy a treat now and again.

Thank You Berry Munch
You are open to trying different things. Your good judgement makes you an ideal problem-solver. Overall, you are healthy, but you tend to stress yourself out by being a perfectionist. You are a bit of a flirt.

So we want to know – is any of this right? It’s fun to think about anyway!

2 thoughts on “What Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Says About You

  1. This is great! I’m going to break it up and post on FB as a way to continue to advertise our sales! Thanks for sharing!

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