I can’t wait to invite a friend!

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

i cant waitInvite a Friend to Volunteer Campaign

I can’t wait to…invite a friend to volunteer with GSNYPENN Pathways!

For the month of February, councils from around the country are working with GSUSA to implement an exciting new volunteer recruitment campaign!

The campaign is a volunteer invite a friend promotion. It is a way to mobilize our existing volunteers to recruit a friend to volunteer with Girl Scouts and a way to start new K-5 troops.  The goal is to recruit 40 new troops per council this month!

All troop leaders and co-leaders will be receiving an email communication from GSUSA inviting them to participate in the campaign by recruiting a friend to join and start a new troop. We’ll also be sending out reminders throughout the month – via eblast, facebook, blog, etc. so you don’t forget! When a new volunteer is recruited the existing volunteer who recruited them will complete a survey which we will be tracking.

At the end of the month, existing volunteers who successfully recruited a new volunteer who began a new K-5 troop will receive a $50.00 coupon voucher for use at the national online store! The new volunteer will receive a Girl’s Guide, a Journey set, and a badge activity set!  And…if the existing volunteer recruits more than one new friend to join and start a troop, she or he will get a $50.00 coupon voucher for each new troop!

So go. Go now. Find some friends who would make great role models for girls and help them become a new Girl Scout volunteer!

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