Cookie Customers, Helping Hands

By: Kylie Pierce, Troop Leader in Rome

Sized_Cookies_ThinmintsAt long last, the cookie program is upon us. If you haven’t already, you are bound to see girls selling their Girl Scout wares throughout the GSNYPENN Council area. If you’re like me, you probably have dozens of friends who have looked forward to cookie time all year. And with good reason! Girl Scout cookies have been a national tradition since our grandparents were young.

My co-leader, Jamie, and I went through extensive training with our unit to learn about the cookie program. I certainly have a lot of respect for my mother and other cookie moms – there is an awful lot to learn! The program has become very sophisticated over the years; it includes email options to help girls raise awareness and sell more cookies donated by those who choose not to buy them for themselves, two options that didn’t exist when I was selling cookies door to door.

The real stars, however, are the girls themselves. At our last Daisy meeting, we covered concepts involving financial literacy; a pretty complicated topic for kindergarten and first grade. The girls did a great job. I really enjoy teaching girls about topics that will influence their futures. I love the idea that being part of the largest girl-run business in the country may be helping them learn how to run their own business in the future.

If you’re already involved in Scouting, thank you in advance for making this experience possible for so many girls. If you’re not involved in Scouting, and a Girl Scout visits you, you can still help! Help them practice their people skills. Ask them about their trip activities, ask them what the proceeds will do for them and their fellow Scouts, even ask them about their own personal goals. Feel free to ask them questions about the cookies themselves, and what makes them special. Then stand back and prepare to be amazed by their responses. Our girls are learning who they are, and where they’re going – and you’re an important part of that process.

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