Research Shows Girls Are Learning the 5 Skills By Selling Cookies!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

cookie sashParticipating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program helps girls learn skills they need to become successful adults who will contribute to their communities and strengthen the U.S. workforce. Long before they assume adult roles, the Girl Scout Cookie Program allows girls real-world opportunities to manage money, become ethical and reliable entrepreneurs, set goals, meet deadlines, work well with others, and understand customers.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program aims to teach girls five important skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. The Girl Scout Research Institute recently set out to understand the extent to which Girl Scouts actually develop these skills, as well as examine the specific ways girls benefit from their participating in the cookie program.

The report found that the majority of girls did indeed develop the five essential skills:

  • 85% of girls developed money management skills, reporting that they had developed budgets, taken cookie orders, and handed customers’ money.
  • 83% of girls developed business ethics, learning to fulfill promises to customers, keep true to the Girl Scout Promise and Law in their business dealings, and consider how best to contribute to their communities with their earnings.
  • 80% of girls developed the goal setting skills, learning how to set sales goals relative to action plans and to create a set of objectives with their team to reach their goals.
  • 77% of girls developed the decision making skill, learning how to work as a team to develop a basic business plan, deciding when and where to sell cookies, and reaching agreements on what to do with the money they earned.
  • 75% of girls developed people skills, learning to talk, listen, and work with different kinds of people while selling cookies.

Most significantly, more than half of girls (55%) achieved all five skills.

The survey also found that girls who developed the five skills were more likely to report that they learned new things while selling cookies that will help them in school and other areas of their life than girls who did not (93% vs. 63%). Girls reported that selling cookies was fun (96%) and that it was more fun when they developed the five skills then when they did not (98% vs. 90%)

These findings provide compelling evidence of the role Girl Scouting can play in developing financially empowered girl leaders. Learning valuable life skills via the Girl Scout Cookie Program helps girls become successful business leaders, now and in the future.

To view other studies by the Girl Scout Research Institute, visit

Girl Scout cookies are $4 per box and on sale through April 6. To find cookies near you, visit or download the free app for iPhone and Android users.

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