Getting To Know You

By: Kylie Pierce, Troop Leader in Rome

friendsAt this point, my co-leader Jamie and I have had our troop for about 5 months. It’s kind of fun to be in the same boat with our girls – we are first-time leaders, they are first-time Scouts. As with many of our endeavors in life, however, it takes a little practice to make it all work.

Now, though, we are getting to know our girls pretty well. Sweet Ollie loves to be helpful and share. Katie is our dreamer. Olivia is quiet and shy and likes to think about things before responding. Kathryn is whip-smart and studious. Kaylee is matter-of-fact and always prepared (perhaps because she comes from a long line of Girl Scouts!). Lexi is precocious and super-motivated. Katherine is an energetic Daddy’s girl who tells great stories. Sisters Addison and Taylor are two distinct peas in a pod, each with their own personalities. And we love them all.

We’re also getting pretty good at juggling the various aspects of being a Girl Scout volunteer. We’ve identified parents that like to help. We’ve gotten pretty good at planning meetings that help girls assert themselves and use their budding leadership skills. We’ve even got snack down to a science…well, for the most part! It makes us feel pretty good to settle into our roles, and feeling like we know what we’re doing makes being leaders even more fun.

With three and a half months or so left in our school year, our thoughts are naturally turning toward the future. We’ve got two girls in first grade; what sort of special activities can we plan for bridging? If we have a combined troop of Daisies and Brownies next year, what sorts of girl-lead activities  can we facilitate? How would we like to approach Journeys and patches? How can we improve our troop committee participation? The fun part is that we’re not asking ourselves “If,” we’re telling ourselves “When.” Jamie and I can’t imagine not being leaders next year, and fortunately, we know many other leaders that share our way of thinking.

Kaylee told me the other day that I was funny. We were goofing a little bit, and I asked her if she wanted to shake to seal an agreement. After we shook, she said she much preferred high-fives. I promised that we would high-five next time, and she thought that was pretty funny. I can’t quite describe how that felt – that I, in my own way, was starting to take a special place in a girl’s life. I can only hope we all get that opportunity, and volunteering with Girl Scouts is one great way to do it.

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