Similarities Remain in 102 Years…

By: Carleen Lattin, Troop Leader in Elmira

Girl Scouts campingOn Wednesday, March 12, 2014 we celebrated the 102nd birthday of Girl Scouts. We have come such a long way over the years but at the same time, we share the same similarities and interests. For example, every year when we start planning what we want to do for the year – the first thing that the girls want to do is camping. That never changes.

I love camping, especially at camps like Misty Hollow in Corning and Comstock outside of Ithaca and spending time with my fellow Girl Scouts. Now that we are starting to get a taste of some relief from winter, the itch to go outside and explore (and in a few months go camping) starts to increase.

This kind of sisterhood and friendship that grows over the years is why I think that every woman and girl should become a Girl Scout. Girl Scouts is something that you become, not just something that you are a part of. If you have every attended an annual meeting or National Convention, you would be able to understand the excitement and energy that comes pouring out of these events.

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

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