The Search Is On!

By: Samia Singleton, Communications Representative in the Horseheads Area

once a girl scoutThe search for a former Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior or Ambassador is here!

The time has come for troops to participate in the GSNYPENN Pathways Great Alumnae Search Patch Program for a chance to earn the Great Alumnae Search Patch and a $10 Cookie Dough card.

Your troop will get alumnae post cards with your initial cookie order delivery. The Girl Scout green cards contain the alumnae’s name, contact information, favorite memory and a space for your troop’s number.

The Great Alumnae Search Patch Program is a great way for members of Girl Scouts past and present to connect with one another. Need inspiration? Just read some of the wonderful stories from local alumnae on the GSNYPENN Pathways website. They are a perfect example of the alumnae you may find in your neighborhood. There are so many more stories to be discovered!

Karen Strife, Community Development and Program Manager, shares the following tips for a successful search.

  • Have the cards available at your cookie booths and ask all adult female customers if they were ever Girl Scouts.
  • Take the cards with you to church and ask your members if they were ever Girl Scouts.
  • Take the cards with you to school and ask teachers/administrators if they were ever Girl Scouts.
  • Contact adult female friends and family members to ask if they were ever Girl Scouts by calling on the telephone or using social media, such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Drop some cards off at the library and arrange to pick them up at a later date.
  • Speak at organizations that support women, such as the Fire Department, VFW or American Legion about the alumnae search. Red Hat Society meetings are also a great place!

If a troop returns 10 postcards, each girl in the troop will receive a Great Alumnae Search patch. The troop who submits the most cards will receive a grand prize of a $10 Cookie Dough card per girl to spend on a troop shopping spree in one of the Girl Scout Boutiques. Troops can get extra cards at the cookie cupboards or from their Community Development Manager.

As a Girl Scout alumnae myself, I would be honored to get one of these cards and I do not think my sisters would disagree. Good luck on your search!

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