Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

thin_mints_winnerWe’re about halfway through the booth sale portion of the cookie sale program. Here are three things to keep in mind as we progress through the sale.

Initial Order Payment! — 50% of a troop’s initial cookie order is due Friday 3/28 via ACH.  If a troop cannot pay for the full 50%, they MUST have contacted Joann Lang prior to 3/25 by 5pm to hold the debit.  More information can be found on page 22 in our cookie book. Don’t have a cookie book? Check our for a downloadable version!

Booth Sales -We still have 2 full weekends to sell cookies before the end of the sale on 4/6! It looks like the weather will improve for all of us starting this Thursday! That makes it easier for troops scheduled for outdoor booth sales.  Don’t have any booth sales scheduled? Try a walkabout with your extra cookies!  If you have  new booth site, be sure to add it to eBudde so we can add it to our cookie locator! Don’t know how to do that? Check out our YouTube videos which can be accessed from the council website!

Cupboard orders – The cupboards are busy! Please remember that you can also fill orders through troop to troop tansfers. Also, we will not be able to re-order Dulce de Leche or Thank You Berry Munch once they are gone.

For more information about the cookie sale program visit the council website at





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