There’s always time

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

i cant waitThere are lots of people who think that in order to be involved in Girl Scouts you have to be in a troop and you have to join in the fall and stay working with that troop for the whole school year. But, that’s not the case.

There are a variety of ways that girls, and adults can be involved with Girl Scouts! Maybe your daughter is interested in working in a troop and you joined in September at the school open house. That’s great! Maybe your neighbor’s daughter was busy with sports in the fall but still wants to be  Girl Scout so she decided to join a  troop in January. Wonderful! Maybe the girl down the street from you is very busy with a variety of activities throughout the year, but she still wants to be a Girl Scout and connect with her friends that she made when she was younger and in a troop. She decides to attend events that the council, and her local service unit, are holding, and she thinks she’s going to go to summer camp too. That’s how she stays involved. Awesome!

Girl Scouts has different pathways for joining. Girls, and adults can be involved through the troop, series, event, camp, or travel pathways. Each pathway offers members different opportunities. And, girls and adults can cross between pathways too.

So, if a girl in your life has some time this spring, or summer, and is interested in Girl Scouts there is always time to join! There are still numerous events taking place, which can be found on the council website at, summer camp is coming soon and program descriptions can also be found on the website, and we do have some troops that plan activities and meet over the summer.

So don’t wait…..join now!


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